Consulting Israel – Poland – Germany - France

Entry Consulting is created from team of experienced people, comfortably operating in business, both in Europe and in Israel. The acquired knowledge resulted in cooperation with Economic Chambers and Local Government Organizations, as well as with lawyers, notaries and tax advisors. Our consulting was created for people seeking help in pursuing business ambitions and seeking international connections. The main task of Entry Consulting is to find the right partners for the needs of your business, thus ensuring cooperation in the field of development and financial decisions. We are at your disposal in the field of creating companies and businesses including comprehensive accounting and legal services in Poland, Israel, France and Germany. We are your number one choice in market research, negotiations, property purchase and logistics.

Market Research

For our clients, we examine the market in terms of the availability of a given product, service, as well as we gain relevant information about competition on the market


We are in constant contact and we organize meetings with producers, sellers and service providers on your behalf. We negotiate prices and terms of cooperation ensuring that our client’s goals are fully accomplished

Contract Finalization

Our priority is to execute the most favorable agreement for our client. We carefully analyze and consult agreements. Entry Consulting can represent clients when signing a contract

Establishing companies

If you think about opening a company or expanding your business on markets such as Israel, Poland, Germany or France, we can help you with this as of today. Our experienced staff will take care of everything, from preparing a company agreement, arranging a meeting with a notary public, to translating all the required documents in any language. We work with professional tax offices that will handle your accountancy. In terms of our services, we also offer a virtual office rental throughout Europe and a landline number from over 50 countries around the world

Virtual office
Professional accounting
Virtual number
Document translation

Real estate

Investing in real estate


Investing in real estate is becoming an increasingly popular form of investing money. In order to meet our client’s needs we are offering a range of options from the purchase of investment lands, apartments from the primary and secondary market for short-term and long-term rental to premium class properties.
We specialize in providing full service of equipment, refurbishment, management and rental services for apartments in the capital and large cities of Poland, Israel, Germany and France



www pages
On-line stores
Google Ad-Words
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Business Cards

E-Commerce – Fulfillment

E-commerce in the 21st century is nothing new. Do not waste your chance and transfer your business online.

We have been in the e-commerce industry for many years and we have a deep knowledge about it. Our team of skilled developers is able to build every online store with the most sophisticated features and accordingly to the needs of extremely demanding customers.
Own warehouse and shipment of goods requires a lot of work. For this reason we have a Fulfillment solution – your goods are stored in our insured and monitored warehouses, and at the time of sale, synchronized store with our system, sends full product and customer data to us. We prepare, pack and send goods by courier. All of Europe is within our reach. Deliveries to Poland and Germany take 24h, Benelux, Italy or France 2-3 days.


Land, water and air transport – we have great possibilities in each of them.

If you need to transport a package, a pallet or a full container of goods to any place on earth, we are here to help you. We have a database of logistics and transport companies in which our orders are handled with priority with due diligence and most importantly safely and on time

International B2B trading

We have been dealing in international trade for ten years. Such long experience in trading has allowed us to establish a professional relationship and provide constant access to goods from distributors and manufacturers from around the world, as well as from wholesalers offering surplus stock. Becoming our partner, you get direct access to the most recognizable global brands, from consumer electronics to premium big and small appliances, such as Apple, Dyson, Philips, Canon, Sony, LG, Bosh, Makita and many more accordingly to the request of our customers.


Efficient management of a company means a much better efficiency of its operation and, as a consequence, it saves the company’s time and money. To be able to function productively in a rapidly changing market environment, one should constantly demonstrate great flexibility in operation. Many companies face difficult economic processes, which mean that their implementation requires the use of very complex methods and procedures to meet the requirements that arise in front of the company. This, in turn, increases the need to use external assistance offered by entities that specialize in a given field. And this is where consulting comes in, which is gaining importance every year.

Consulting (word derived from Latin: consulo – sultum – consult, consult). It is a field of management dealing with broadly understood advising economic entities, usually large organizations (source: Wikipedia).

In the simplest terms, consulting is providing professional advice on business issues to companies from various industries, which is why there are areas of substantive knowledge dividing consulting into a wide range of services from defining a company’s strategy through corporate reorganization and financial management, to human capital management, and also designing and implementing IT solutions. These elements overlap and have many points of contact, which is why consulting companies offer advisory services in several areas. On the market we deal with consultancy in the fields of: IT, legal, tax, financial, management, as well as business and strategic consulting services.

It should also be pointed out that broadly understood consulting also appears in politics. On the basis of activities carried out by politicians, the impact of consulting is particularly evident in the course of their electoral campaigns. More and more candidates are preparing their campaigns with the help of professional companies that are responsible for developing strategies and techniques for organizing a political campaign, but also for forms of communication between the candidate and the voters. They coordinate the work of the entire electoral staff. Politicians are aware that without professional help they are not able to adequately prepare for participation in political life. The progressive professionalization of politics requires greater involvement of public figures in the creation and promotion of a suitable image of the candidate among the electorate and a positive distinction from other candidates, as well as for the presentation of their postulates. Building a public image or preparing speeches are aspects in which the help of an external expert is invaluable.

Consulting is first of all knowledge and experience of people solving difficult situations appearing in other companies. They are people with a broad spectrum of knowledge, interests and specialization. They possess interpersonal communication skills, listening skills and building good interpersonal relationships. Consultants are involved in setting directions for change, developing a business operation strategy. They must therefore have analytical skills, because each client is a different problem to be solved.

The use of consultancy by the company is also more effective in time, because instead of comparing the offers of various entities available on the market, we can outsource this task to a specialized company that will perform a detailed analysis and recommend only the best solution for our business. It is also access to practical experience gathered during the implementation of projects in many different companies, also on the international market. Skillful management allows companies to achieve competitive advantage in the market, because they can operate much more efficiently, faster and cheaper than other companies in the immediate business environment. Introducing new business solutions then turns out to be much less time-consuming, and as a result, it gives a greater profit to the company.